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stations are paying close to $6 a gallon. on sunday, governor jerry brown ordered the sale of winter-blend gas three weeks early to increase supplies. wall street started off the week on the losing side. the dow jones industrial average dropped 26 points to close at 13,583. the nasdaq fell nearly 24 points to close at 3112. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: a rare but deadly outbreak of meningitis is raising concerns for thousands of patients nationwide, and sparking questions about the way certain pharmacies are regulated. >> reporter: the outbreak has been linked to tainted steroid injections used to help fight back pain. the medication was distributed by a pharmacy locatedded just outside of boston. the new england compounding center had already recalled the steroid. on saturday it issued a voluntary recall for all of its products from the framingham, massachusetts, site. but it came too late for 105 people who contracted a rare form of fungal meningitis including eight who died. family members say the victims were stricken with little warning
in california. an average of $4.67 a gallon. prices went up so fast last week that governor jerry brown called the situation an emergency. fuel industry analyst dave hackett says the pain at the pump will fade quickly. >> retail prices went up about 56 cents a gallon last week, record-setting levels and a record rate of increase. i predict that retail prices will come off as fast as they went up. so by -- within a week they'll be back down to levels that we saw, let's call it, monday a week ago. >> wholesale gas prices are now falling around the country because more gas is becoming available. >>> two years ago an american named david hartley disappeared while jet skiing on a lake along the texas-mexico border. this morning, a high ranking member of a mexican drug cartel is accused of killing him. >> salvador al fan sew martinez escobedo also known as the squirrel is a leader of the notorious zetas drug cartel, now under arrest for multiple crimes including the murder of david hartley. two years after her husband's death, tiffany young hartley is still looking for answers. >> today obviously ca
is even competitive. why would he be competitive against jerry brown? also, the connecticut races and massachusetts races, those baffle me. why would be competitive? seems like it is contradicting each other. i do not understand that. especially with scott brown. he seems to me like a wolf in sheep's clothing. he will vote lockstep with mitch mcconnell. why would massachusetts even consider someone like him? another example, mitt romney is going to win montana. many people will vote for him, so why would you vote for democrats in the senate. confirming his independence in the state of massachusetts. mccaskill is trying to distance herself from obama in missouri. coattails' do not make the same difference as they did in the past. they try to difference themselves. host: here is a story from "the plain dealer" in ohio. guest: why is he competitive? the answer is money. brown is a very liberal senator elected in 2006. he is baby faced and also the strait -- state treasurer. he was elected statewide. brown still has the lead. maybe six points or seven points, competitive because the h
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)